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GRE Word List


tireless; untiring; showing no sign of getting tired

The meaning of the word indefatigable is tireless; untiring; showing no sign of getting tired.

Random words

punytiny; weak; insignificant
expropriatetake possession of (often for public use and without payment)
impendingnearing; approaching; about to happen
derelictionneglect of duty; abandonment
uxoriousexcessively submissive or devoted to one's wife; CF. uxor: wife
upbraidreprimand; severely scold
quivertremble; shake; N.
malleable(of a metal) capable of being shaped by pounding(beating); pliable; (of someone) impressionable(easily influenced); easily controlled; tractable
sanctimoniousdisplaying ostentatious or hypocritical devoutness; N. sanctimony: hypocritical piety
repinefret; complain; be annoyed; Ex. repine over the undone work