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GRE Word List


indecent; obscene; about sex in a rude funny way; CF. bawd

The meaning of the word bawdy is indecent; obscene; about sex in a rude funny way; CF. bawd.

Random words

alluderefer indirectly; N. allusion: indirect reference
immuneresistant to; free or exempt from; N. immunity
resilientelastic; having the power of springing back; able to recover quickly (as from misfortune)
phalanxformation of infantry carrying overlapping shields and long spears; group of men packed together (for attack or defense)
centripetaltending toward the center
trepidationfear; nervous apprehension
titularof a title; in name only; nominal; having the title of an office without the obligations; Ex. titular head of the company
incarnationact of assuming a human body and human nature; one who personifies something; personification; Ex. previous incarnation/reincarnation
fructifybear fruit; produce fruit
delusivedeceptive; likely to delude; misleading; raising vain hopes; Ex. delusive promises