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GRE Word List


practical; able to be carried out; practicable

Immense: IELTS Vocabulary

The meaning of the word feasible is practical; able to be carried out; practicable.

Random words

stunmake unconscious or numb as by a blow; amaze; astound
accoutreequip; N. accoutrement
frenziedmadly excited; N. frenzy: violent wild excitement
sleeksmooth and shining (as from good health); V.
tarrylinger; delay in starting or going; dawdle
yokejoin together; unite; N: crossbar used to joining two draft animals
amnesialoss of memory
flusterconfuse; make nervous and confused; N.
cursive(of writing) flowing; running; having the successive letters joined
hullhusk; dry outer covering of a seed; frame or body of a ship