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GRE Word List


silly; senseless; Ex. inane remarks; N. inanity

The meaning of the word inane is silly; senseless; Ex. inane remarks; N. inanity.

Random words

stymiethwart; present an obstacle; stump
exacerbateworsen; aggravate; embitter
gargantuanhuge; enormous; gigantic; CF. the hero of Gargantua and Pantagruel
anodynedrug that relieves pain or trouble; ; opiate; ADJ. Ex. anodyne statement
cognitivehaving to do with knowing or perceiving related to the mental processes; N. cognition: the mental process of knowing
pendingnot yet decided or settled; impending; Ex. pending decision; PREP. while awaiting; until; Ex. delay the decision pending his return
iridescentexhibiting rainbowlike colors; Ex. iridescent oil slick; N. iridescence
monolithicsolidly uniform; unchangeable; unyielding; N. monolith: large block of stone
clamorloud continous noise; continuous demand or complaint made by a large number of people; V: make a clamor; express (a demand) continually and loudly; ADJ. clamorous
rafflelottery; V: award as a prize in a raffle; Ex. raffle off a new car