GRE Word List


to decrease in size, extent, or degree : dwindle

The meaning of the word wane is to decrease in size, extent, or degree : dwindle.

Random words

glacialsuggestive of ice: such as
impelto urge or drive forward or on by or as if by the exertion of strong moral pressure : force
dislodgeto drive from a position of hiding, defense, or advantage
fawningseeking or used to seek approval or favor by means of flattery
purgeto clear of guilt
computeto determine especially by mathematical means
idioman expression in the usage of a language that is peculiar to itself either in having a meaning that cannot be derived from the conjoined meanings of its elements (such as up in the air for "undecided") or in its grammatically atypical use of words (such as give way)
discretionindividual choice or judgment
unsulliednot soiled or tarnished : not sullied