GRE Word List


an image or representation especially of a person

The meaning of the word effigy is an image or representation especially of a person.

Random words

hazardousinvolving or exposing one to risk (as of loss or harm)
herbivorousfeeding on plants
pompositypompous demeanor, speech, or behavior
proclivityan inclination or predisposition toward something
similea figure of speech comparing two unlike things that is often introduced by like or as (as in cheeks like roses) compare metaphor
therapeuticof or relating to the treatment of disease or disorders by remedial agents or methods : curative
medleya musical composition made up of a series of songs or short pieces
vassala person under the protection of a feudal lord to whom he has vowed homage and fealty : a feudal tenant
agitateto excite and often trouble the mind or feelings of : disturb
insinuateto impart or suggest in an artful or indirect way : imply