GRE Word List


diligent; assiduous; paying attention; N. sedulity

The meaning of the word sedulous is diligent; assiduous; paying attention; N. sedulity.

Random words

mnemonicpertaining to memory; assisting the memory; N: device, such as as formula or rhyme, used as a mnemonic aid
vigilanteone who without authority assumes law enforcement powers
causalimplying a cause-and-effect relationship; N. causality
pessimismbelief that life is basically bad or evil; gloominess; tendency to take the gloomiest possible view of a situation; ADJ. pessimistic
blackballvote against (an applicant); ostracize; N: negative vote
environenclose; surround; N. environs: surrounding area (as of a city)
fertileproducing many young, fruits, or seeds; (of land) producing good crops; V. fertilize
slipshodslovenly; careless; sloppy; untidy; shabby; Ex. slipshod work
tintslight degree of color; V: give a tint to
spinrotate swiftly; make (thread) by twisting (cotton, wool, etc.); N.