GRE Word List


ideal place, state, or society; ADJ. utopian

The meaning of the word utopia is ideal place, state, or society; ADJ. utopian.

Random words

skimpprovide or use scantily; live very economically; Ex. skimp on necessities; ADJ. skimpy: inadequate in amount; scanty; stingy; niggardly
expansive(of a person) outgoing and sociable; broad and extensive; able to increase in size
inequityunfairness; ADJ. inequitable
listlesslacking in spirit or energy; languid
tauttight; strained; tense; ready; OP. slack
prestigerespect or admiration; impression produced by achievements or reputation; ADJ: causing admiration; ADJ. prestigious: having prestige
dilemmasituation that requires a choice between equally unfavorable options; problem; choice of two unsatisfactory alternatives
demolitiondestruction; V. demolish
regimenprescribed course of diet or exercise; prescribed diet and habits; Ex. daily regimen of a dancer
represshold back (the natural expression of); restrain; crush; oppress; Ex. repressed child; Ex. repress a laugh/rebellion