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GRE Word List


rustic; country bumpkin;

The meaning of the word yokel is rustic; country bumpkin;.

Random words

spasmodicfitful; periodic; of or like a spasm; N. spasm: sudden involuntary muscular contraction; sudden burst of energy or emotion
gulltrick; deceive; hoodwink; N: person who is easily tricked; dupe
ramblewander aimlessly (physically or mentally); digress
rescindrepeal; annul; cancel (a law, decision, or agreement)
inductplace formally in office; install; admit as a member; initiate; N. induction: inducting; process of deriving general principles from particular facts
quotidiandaily; commonplace; customary; Ex. quotidian routine
contrivedunnatural and forced; artificial; not spontaneous; Ex. The ending was rather contrived.
functionaryofficial (who performs a particular function)
fortuitousaccidental; by chance; N. fortuity