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GRE Word List


rustic; country bumpkin;

The meaning of the word yokel is rustic; country bumpkin;.

Random words

talonclaw of bird
abetassist usually in doing something wrong; encourage
balkstop short, as if faced with an obstacle, and refuse to continue; foil; stop or get in the way of; frustrate
feral(of an animal) not domestic; wild
awesolemn wonder; feeling of respect mixed with wonder and fear; V: fill with awe; ADJ. awesome
satireform of literature in which irony, sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack human vice and folly
concavehollow; curved inwards; OP. convex
opalescentiridescent; lustrous; like an opal; N. opalescence
canterslow gallop; V. CF. trot
brinkedge (at the top of a cliff); Ex. on the brink of the Grand Canyon