GRE Word List


angry; CF. ire: anger; wrath

The meaning of the word irate is angry; CF. ire: anger; wrath.

Random words

quadrupedfour-footed animal; ADJ. CF. biped
anodynedrug that relieves pain or trouble; ΑψΕλΑ¦; opiate; ADJ. Ex. anodyne statement
drudgeryhard unpleasant work; menial work
compromiseadjust or settle by making mutual concessions; endanger the interests or reputation of; put into danger, disrepute, or a dishonorable position; Ex. compromise one's principle; N.
beseechbeg; plead with
scofflaugh (at); mock; ridicule; Ex. scoff at their threats
portendforetell; presage; be a sign or warning of; N. portent: sign; omen; forewarning
gruesomegrisly; horrible
parvenuupstart; newly rich person
luridwild; sensational; graphic; gruesome; horrible; Ex. lurid details of the murder