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GRE Word List


surround; include; Ex. His activities encompass publishing and computers.

The meaning of the word encompass is surround; include; Ex. His activities encompass publishing and computers..

Random words

hoaxtrick which makes someone take action; practical joke; Ex. hoax mail; V.
metaphorimplied comparison; CF. simile
secessionwithdrawal; V. secede: withdraw formally from membership
repulsereject with rudeness or coldness (an offer or friendship); drive back (an enemy attack); CF. repulse $\neq$ cause repulsion
distinctionhonor; excellence; difference; contrast; discrimination; Ex. graduated with distinction; Ex. a writer of real distinction
providencequality of being provident; divine care; god's care; Providence: god; Ex. It seemed like providence that the doctor happened to be there; ADJ. providential: of divine providence; fortunate
grumblecomplain; mutter discontentedly; grouch; N.
phoenixsymbol of immortality or rebirth; Ex. phoenix rising from its ashes
waftmove gently (in air or in seas) by wind or waves; Ex. leaves wafting past the window
indigenousnative; Ex. plant indigenous to the New World