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GRE Word List


beg; plead with

The meaning of the word beseech is beg; plead with.

Random words

skepticsceptic; doubter; person who suspends judgment until he has examined the evidence supporting a point of view; ADJ. skeptical; N. skepticism; scepticism
animushostile feeling or intent; animosity; hostility; disposition
captiontitle; chapter heading; text under illustration
monotheismbelief in one God
lopsidedheavier or larger on one side than the other; Ex. lopsided way of walking
precisabstract; concise summing up of main points; concise summary of a text
solacecomfort in sorrow or trouble; consolation; V: comfort or console in time of sorrow or trouble
contingentdependent on something uncertain or in the future; conditional; happening by chance; accidental; N: a group of soldiers, ships to a larger force; CF. contingency: future event that may or may not occur; possibility; Ex. prepare for every contingency
domicilehome; V. ADJ. domiciled: having one's domicile; Ex. He is domiciled in Britain.