GRE Word List


trying or taxing to the point of exhaustion : punishing

The meaning of the word grueling is trying or taxing to the point of exhaustion : punishing.

Random words

historicalof, relating to, or having the character of history
indeliblethat cannot be removed, washed away, or erased
importto bring from a foreign or external source: such as
abhorto regard with extreme repugnance : to feel hatred or loathing for : loathe
deignto condescend reluctantly and with a strong sense of the affront to one's superiority that is involved : stoop
subsideto sink or fall to the bottom : settle
accordto grant or give especially as appropriate, due, or earned
manipulateto treat or operate with or as if with the hands or by mechanical means especially in a skillful manner
clairvoyanthaving clairvoyance : able to see beyond the range of ordinary perception