GRE Word List


churlish, miserly individual; bad-tempered old person

The meaning of the word curmudgeon is churlish, miserly individual; bad-tempered old person.

Random words

generalityvague statement; general statement which is not detailed; quality of being general; greater part; most; Ex. generality of people
impingeinfringe; encroach; influence; touch; collide with; Ex. The effects are impinging on every aspect of our lives.
distorttwist out of shape; give a false account of; misrepresent; N. distortion
disheveleduntidy (of hair or clothing); V. dishevel
raucous(of voice) harsh and unpleasant; (of people) disorderly and boisterous; Ex. raucous shouts
residueremainder; balance
castigationpunishment; severe criticism or disapproval
heterodox(of beliefs) against accepted opinion; unorthodox; unconventional
prunecut away; trim
proletarianmember of the working class; blue collar guy; N. proletariat: working class (who have to work for wages)