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GRE Word List


provide with some quality; endow

The meaning of the word endue is provide with some quality; endow.

Random words

slanderdefamation; utterance of false and malicious statements; V. ADJ. slanderous
brevityconciseness; shortness of duration
agendaitems of business at a meeting
ambienceenvironment; atmosphere; Ex. restraurant with a pleasant ambience; ADJ. ambient: completely surrounding; Ex. ambient temperature
senilityold age; feeblemindedness of old age; ADJ. senile: resulting from old age; showing the weakness of body or mind from old age; Ex. senile dementia
idyllshort poem idealizing rural life; simple happy period of life (in the country); scene from such a time; Ex. idyll of two young lovers
sagaScandinavian myth; any legend; long heroic narrative
cantatastory set to music to be sung by a chorus (shorter than an oratorio)
sageperson celebrated for wisdom; wise person; ADJ: wise
regicidemurder of a king or queen