GRE Word List


to revive from apparent death or from unconsciousness

The meaning of the word resuscitate is to revive from apparent death or from unconsciousness.

Random words

digressionthe act or an instance of leaving the main subject in an extended written or verbal expression of thought : the act or an instance of digressing in a discourse or other usually organized literary work
matineea musical or dramatic performance or social or public event held in the daytime and especially the afternoon
indicativeserving to indicate
mongrelan individual resulting from the interbreeding of diverse breeds (see breed
remnanta usually small part, member, or trace remaining
quadrupedan animal having four feet
abscondto depart secretly and hide oneself
contextthe parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning
breadthdistance from side to side : width
breachinfraction or violation of a law, obligation, tie, or standard