GRE Word List


storehouse for grain

The meaning of the word granary is storehouse for grain.

Random words

pugilistboxer; CF. pugilism: boxing
grotesquefantastic; comically hideous; strange and unnatural (causing fear or amusement)
pulsatethrob; beat regularly; vibrate regularly
withstandstand up against; resist successfully
enlist(cause to) join the armed forces; obtain (help, sympathy, or support)
irreconcilableimpossible to reconcile; incompatible; not able to be resolved
statutelaw enacted by the legislature
cascadesmall waterfall
matrixpoint of origin; array of numbers or algebraic symbols; mold or die; Ex. the matrix of Western civilization
quarantineisolation of a person, place, or ship to prevent spread of infection; V: isolate in quarantine