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GRE Word List


delay (in development); ADJ. retarded: (as of a child) slower in development

The meaning of the word retard is delay (in development); ADJ. retarded: (as of a child) slower in development.

Random words

unfeignedgenuine; real
healthfulconducive to good health; Ex. healthful mountain air
dramaprose or verse composition to be performed by actors; play; exciting and unusual situation
wrenchtwist; pull; strain; Ex. He wrenched the gun out of her hands.
mediatesettle a dispute through the services of an outsider; act as an intermediary; produce by mediating; Ex. mediate a cease-fire
embellishadorn; ornament; enhance as a story (by adding fictitious details)
glossysmooth and shining; N. gloss: shiny brightness on a surface; superficially attractive appearance; Ex. gloss of good manners
synthesiscombining parts or separate things into a whole; the whole so formed; PL. syntheses; V. synthesize
cosmicpertaining to the universe; vast
cadaverouslike a corpse; pale