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GRE Word List


minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting

The meaning of the word quorum is minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting.

Random words

anemiacondition in which blood lacks red corpuscles; ADJ. anemic
deadlockstandstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces; stalemate
freneticfrenzied; frantic
verisimilitudeappearance of truth; quality of appearing to be true or real; likelihood; Ex. verisimilitude of her performance as Lady Macbeth
guycable or chain attached to something that needs to be braced or steadied; CF. guide
evokecall forth (memory or feeling); Ex. That old film evoked memories of my childhood; N. evocation
skulkmove furtively and secretly; Ex. He skulked through the less fashionable sections of the city.
overthrowtopple; N.
congealfreeze; coagulate
eulogisticpraising; full of eulogy