GRE Word List


minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting

The meaning of the word quorum is minimal number of members necessary to conduct a meeting.

Random words

mimepantomime(act without dialogue); mimicry; mimer; V: mimic; pantomime
expostulationprotest; remonstrance; reasoning with someone to correct or dissuade; V. expostulate
eminentrising above others; high; lofty; distinguished; Ex. eminent position
uncannystrange; mysterious; Ex. uncanny knack
shedsmall roofed structure for storage and shelter; V: pour forth; lose by natural process; repel without allowing penetration; radiate; cast; Ex. shed tears/light/water/skin/leaves
wantonunrestrained; gratuitously cruel; willfully malicious; unchaste; sexually improper; promiscuous; Ex. wanton spending/killing; CF. having no just cause
heydaytime of greatest success or power; prime
catharticpurgative; medicine that causes the bowels to empty; ADJ.
tanconvert (hide) into leather; make brown by exposure to the sun
jingoistextremely aggressive and militant patriot; warlike chauvinist; N. jingoism: extreme nationalism