GRE Word List


subside or moderate

The meaning of the word abate is subside or moderate.

Random words

tenacityfirmness; persistence
headfirstmoving with the head leading; headlong
perjuryfalse testimony while under oath; V. perjure oneself: testify falsely under oath
topographyphysical features of a region (such as the shape and height); CF. topo-: place
impuissancepowerlessness; feebleness
trinketknickknack; bauble; cheap jewelry
regenerationspiritual rebirth; Ex. regeneration of the prisoners; V. regenerate: give or obtain new life; reform spiritually
confidentialspoken or written in secret; trusted with private matters; Ex. confidential secretary
dislodgeremove (forcibly); force out of a position; Ex. dislodge the food caught in his throat; CF. lodge