GRE Word List


dwarf; underground spirit who guards treasure hoards

Essential English Words with Meanin...
Essential English Words with Meaning and Sentences #3

The meaning of the word gnome is dwarf; underground spirit who guards treasure hoards.

Random words

rationalefundamental reason or principle (on which a system or principle is based); fundamental reason or justification; grounds for an action
deciduousfalling off at a specific season or stage of growth as of leaves; Ex. deciduous tree/teeth
preambleintroductory statement
subsumeinclude (as a member of a group); encompass
stockadewooden enclosure or pen; fixed line of posts used as defensive barrier
dignitaryperson of high rank or position
transcribecopy; write a copy of; N. transcription
genesisbeginning; origin
catapultslingshot; hurling machine; V: fire from catapult
visceralfelt in one's inner organs; N. viscera: internal body organs; CF. eviscerate