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GRE Word List


declare openly; N. avowal

The meaning of the word avow is declare openly; N. avowal.

Random words

stoutrather fat; strong in body; sturdy; resolute; determined; strong in determination; Ex. stout stick/supporter
genreparticular variety of art or literature
distillrefine (a liquid by evaporating and subsequent condensation); concentrate; separate the most important parts from; Ex. distill fresh water from sea water; CF. brew
scapegoatsomeone who bears the blame for others; whipping boy; CF. escape+goat
illusivedeceiving; based on illusion; causing illusion; deceptive
implicitunderstood but not stated; implied; unquestioning and complete; Ex. implicit trust
blundererror; stupid mistake
stratifieddivided into classes; arranged into strata; V. stratify
gerrymanderchange voting district lines in order to favor a political party; N. CF. Elbridge Gerry + (sala)mander
antediluvianantiquated; extremely ancient