GRE Word List


having a humorous, whimsical, or odd quality

The meaning of the word droll is having a humorous, whimsical, or odd quality.

Random words

tantruma fit of bad temper
covertnot openly shown, engaged in, or avowed : veiled
floutto treat with contemptuous disregard : scorn
entreatto plead with especially in order to persuade : ask urgently
embezzlementto appropriate (something, such as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use
propulsivetending or having power to propel
gestateto carry in the uterus during pregnancy
masochista person who derives sexual gratification from being subjected to physical pain or humiliation : an individual given to masochism
figmentsomething made up or contrived
throttleto compress the throat of : choke