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GRE Word List


queer and amusing

The meaning of the word droll is queer and amusing.

Random words

bouillonclear beef (or meat) soup
disjointeddisconnected; lacking coherence; V. disjoint: disconnect; disjoin
baroquehighly ornate
impeachcharge (a public official) with crime in office; raise doubts about; indict; Ex. impeach a witness's credibility
mortifyhumiliate by embarassing excessively; shame; punish the flesh; discipline (one's body) by self-denial; Ex. mortified by her blunder; Ex. mortify the flesh; CF. cause to die
pantomimeacting without dialogue; V.
timorousfearful; timid; demonstrating fear
perigeepoint of moon's orbit when it is nearest the earth; CF. apogee
interbury; N. interment