GRE Word List


thunder; explode; issue a severe denunciation

The meaning of the word fulminate is thunder; explode; issue a severe denunciation.

Random words

dronetalk dully; buzz or murmur like a bee; N.
hailfrozen rain drop; V: salute or greet; precipitate hail
congealfreeze; coagulate
rakeimmoral or dissolute person
nostrumquestionable medicine; quack medicine; CF. our (remedy)
luxuriantabundant; growing healthily and in large amounts; excessively ornate; rich and splendid; fertile; Ex. luxuriant forests/prose; CF. luxurious, luxuriate
miscellaneousmade up of a variety of parts
kneelgo down on one's knee(s)
granarystorehouse for grain
palpabletangible; (of something bad) easily perceptible; obvious; Ex. palpable blunder