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GRE Word List


pertaining to marriage

The meaning of the word marital is pertaining to marriage.

Random words

fordplace where a river can be crossed on foot; V.
connivancepretense of ignorance of something wrong; assistance; permission to offend; V. connive: feign ignorance (of a wrong); cooperate secretly in an illegal action; conspire
preternaturalbeyond what is normal in nature; supernatural; Ex. preternatural strength/forces
reinstaterestore to a previous condition or position
litotesunderstatement for emphasis; Ex. ``not bad(=pretty good)''
boltdoor bar; fastening pin or screw; length of fabric; large roll of cloth; V: dash or dart off; fasten (a door); gobble down
odiumdetestation; quality of being odious; hatefulness; disrepute (resulting from hateful conduct)
anathemasolemn curse; someone or something regarded as a curse; V. anathematize
mediumelement that is a creature's natural environment; nutrient setting in which microorganisms are cultivated; appropriate occupation or means of expression; channel of communication; compromise; middle position between extremes; intervening substance through which something else is transmitted
hilarityboisterous mirth(merriment; laughter); ADJ. hilarious: full of laughter