GRE Word List


full of flowers; full of ornate expressions

The meaning of the word flowery is full of flowers; full of ornate expressions.

Random words

legerdemainsleight(dexterity) of hand; CF. light of hand
millenniumthousand-year period (as in the New Testament); hoped-for period of happiness and prosperity
miserlystingy; mean
rationalefundamental reason or principle (on which a system or principle is based); fundamental reason or justification; grounds for an action
trickleflow in drops or in a thin stream; N.
condignadequate; (of punishment) severe and well deserved
queerstrange; eccentric; deviating from the normal
physiognomyface (as showing the character and the mind); art of judging human character from facial features
pellucidtransparent; limpid(crystal clear); clear in meaning; easy to understand
relapsereturn to a former state (esp. after improvement); N.