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GRE Word List


full of flowers; full of ornate expressions

The meaning of the word flowery is full of flowers; full of ornate expressions.

Random words

throesviolent anguish
bedragglewet thoroughly; ADJ. bedraggled: draggled
contriveinvent or fabricate in a clever way (by improvisation); manage; Ex. contrive to attract his attention
grillquestion severely; cook on a grill; broil; N: cooking surface of parallel metal bars
veracious(of a person) truthful
avengetake vengence for something or on behalf of someone; Ex. They avenged his death by burning the village; Ex. He swore to avenge his brother; Ex. They avenged themselves on their enemy.
unassailablenot open to attack; impregnable; not subject to question
amenitiesconvenient features that helps to make life pleasant; social courtesies
disapprobationdisapproval; condemnation