GRE Word List


to attack violently : assault

The meaning of the word assail is to attack violently : assault.

Random words

embryonicof or relating to an embryo
fermentationthe enzyme-catalyzed anaerobic breakdown of an energy-rich compound (such as a carbohydrate to carbon dioxide and alcohol or to an organic acid) by the action of microorganisms (such as bacteria or yeast) that occurs naturally and is commonly used in the production of various products (such as food, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceuticals) especially by controlling microbial enzymatic activity
luminarya person of prominence or brilliant achievement
erroneouscontaining or characterized by error : mistaken
muralof, relating to, or resembling a wall
crevicea narrow opening resulting from a split or crack (as in a cliff) : fissure
rebuttalthe act of rebutting especially in a legal suit
decorumliterary and dramatic propriety : fitness
listlesscharacterized by lack of interest, energy, or spirit