GRE Word List


the rubbing of one body against another

The meaning of the word friction is the rubbing of one body against another.

Random words

foistto introduce or insert surreptitiously or without warrant
chapela subordinate or private place of worship: such as
trekto make one's way arduously
centrifugea machine using centrifugal force for separating substances of different densities, for removing moisture, or for simulating gravitational effects
liquidateto determine by agreement or by litigation the precise amount of (indebtedness, damages, or accounts)
requisiteneeded for a particular purpose : essential
refractiondeflection from a straight path undergone by a light ray or energy wave in passing obliquely from one medium (such as air) into another (such as glass) in which its velocity is different
revileto subject to verbal abuse : vituperate
incessantcontinuing or following without interruption : unceasing
progenitoran ancestor in the direct line : forefather