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GRE Word List


lacking proper seriousness; Ex. flippant remarks about death; N. flippancy

The meaning of the word flippant is lacking proper seriousness; Ex. flippant remarks about death; N. flippancy.

Random words

conformistperson who uncritically conforms to the customs of a group; OP. nonconformist: one who does not conform to accepted beliefs of norms
quaintodd in an old-fashioned way; odd; old-fashioned; picturesque
boutmatch; short period of great activity; Ex. wrestling bout; bout of drinking/flu
shovepush forward; push roughly; Ex. pushing and shoving to get on the bus; N.
acrimoniousstinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior
gush(of liquid) pour out in large quantities from a hole; make an excessive display of feeling (without true feeling); Ex. Blood gushed from the wound.
gustoeager enjoyment; zest; enthusiasm
mollycoddlepamper; coddle; baby; indulge excessively
shadeslight difference in degree; nuance; degree of color; Ex. shades of meaning/grey
connivancepretense of ignorance of something wrong; assistance; permission to offend; V. connive: feign ignorance (of a wrong); cooperate secretly in an illegal action; conspire