GRE Word List


gain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself

The meaning of the word temporize is gain time as by postponing an action; avoid committing oneself.

Random words

angularsharp-cornered; having an angle; not rounded (body); bony; lean; gaunt; stiff in manner
affectedartificial; pretended
pastoralrural; of rural life; idyllic; of a pastor
catapultslingshot; hurling machine; V: fire from catapult
fuss:trouble or worry over trifles; make nervous; pay too much attention to; N: needless concern or worry (about a trivial thing); anxious nervous condition; display of attention; Ex. make a fuss over the baby
impassioned(of speech) filled with passion; fervent
niggardlymeanly stingy; parsimonious; N. niggard: stingy person
plaitbraid; interwine; interweave strands or lengths of; make by weaving strands together; Ex. plaited hair; N: braided length as of hair o fabric; CF. pigtail, ponytail
disjointeddisconnected; lacking coherence; V. disjoint: disconnect; disjoin