GRE Word List


black form of carbon used in lead pencils

The meaning of the word graphite is black form of carbon used in lead pencils.

Random words

tediumboredom; weariness; ADJ. tedious
prologueintroduction (to a poem or play)
well-bredof good upbringing; well-mannered and refined
frustratethwart; defeat; prevent from accomplishing a purpose
spoonerismaccidental transposition of sounds in successive words; Ex. ``Let me sew you to your sheet'' for ``Let me show you to your seat''; CF. William Spooner
prudeexcessively modest or proper person (who is easily shocked by improper things, esp. of a sexual nature); N. prudery; ADJ. prudish: excessively concerned with propriety
omnipotentall-powerful; having unlimited power
mimepantomime(act without dialogue); mimicry; mimer; V: mimic; pantomime
opiatemedicine to induce sleep or deaden pain; something that relieves emotions or causes inaction; sleep-producing drug containing opium