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GRE Word List


black form of carbon used in lead pencils

The meaning of the word graphite is black form of carbon used in lead pencils.

Random words

impedehide; retard or obstruct the progress of; block
demeanorbehavior; bearing
guycable or chain attached to something that needs to be braced or steadied; CF. guide
slyclever in deceiving; secretive; not telling one's intentions
extenuateweaken; mitigate; lessen the seriousness of (bad behavior)
inertinactive; lacking power to move; unable to move or act; Ex. chemically inert; N. inertia: state of being inert; force which keeps a thing in the position or state
convenecome together; assemble; call to meet; Ex. convene the council
venial(of a fault or sin) forgivable; trivial
consanguinitykinship; relationship by birth