GRE Word List


partner in crime

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The meaning of the word accomplice is partner in crime.

Random words

curbchain or strap used with a bit to restrain a horse; something that checks; V: check; restrain
personableattractive (in personality or appearance)
fulminatethunder; explode; issue a severe denunciation
duplicitydouble-dealing; hypocrisy; being dishonest and deceitful; ADJ. duplicitous
engrossoccupy fully; absorb
unisonunity of pitch (in musical performance); complete accord; Ex. The choir sang in unison.
prelatechurch dignitary; priest of high position in the church (esp. bishop)
bastionstronghold; something seen as a source of protection; Ex. the last bastion of male chauvinism
pivotalof a pivot; central; critical; crucial
acute(of the senses) sharp; quickly perceptive; keen; penetrating; brief and severe; Ex. acute sense of smell/analysis/pain