GRE Word List


(of something written or painted) still in existence

The meaning of the word extant is (of something written or painted) still in existence.

Random words

soothsayerone who foretells the future
reckoncount; calculate; regard as; think; suppose
subliminalbelow the threshold of conscious perception; Ex. subliminal advertisement
rationalefundamental reason or principle (on which a system or principle is based); fundamental reason or justification; grounds for an action
choirgroup of people who sing together (esp. during religious services); place for choir
dupesomeone easily fooled or deceived; V: deceive
preternaturalbeyond what is normal in nature; supernatural; Ex. preternatural strength/forces
raimentclothing; garments; Ex. I have no raiment fit to wear.
rapaciousvoracious; ravenous; taking everything one can; excessively grasping; plundering; subsisting on live prey; Ex. rapacious birds
atrophywasting away; V: weaken and lose flesh and muscle (through lack of blood or lack of use)