GRE Word List


talkative; N. loquacity

The meaning of the word loquacious is talkative; N. loquacity.

Random words

compunctionremorse; strong uneasiness caused by guilt
privysecret; hidden; not public; made a participant in something secret; Ex. privy chamber government; Ex. be privy to a discussion; CF. private
devoteeenthusiastic follower; enthusiast; Ex. devotee of Bach
affidavitwritten statement made under oath (for use as proof in a court of law)
obnoxiousoffensive; disagreeable; Ex. obnoxious smell
perpetratecommit an offense; do (something wrong)
hapchance; luck
epithetword or phrase characteristically used to describe a person or thing; descriptive phrase to characterize a person (often contemptous)
acquittaldeliverance from a charge; V. acquit: free from a charge or accusation; discharge from a duty; conduct (oneself) in a specified manner
guycable or chain attached to something that needs to be braced or steadied; CF. guide