GRE Word List


specialized knowledge (in a particular field); expert skill

The meaning of the word expertise is specialized knowledge (in a particular field); expert skill.

Random words

morbidgiven to unwholesome or unhealthy thought; moody; characteristic of disease; Ex. morbid curiosity; N. morbidity; CF. disease
stuporstate of being stupefied; state of apathy; daze; lack of awareness
denominationreligious group; unit in a system; name or designation; CF. denominator: common trait or characteristic
masqueradewear a mask or disguise; pretend; N: costume party or ball at which masks are worn; pretense; disguise
commemorativeremembering; honoring the memory of; Ex. commemorative stamp
skimread or glance through quickly; touch lightly in passing; brush; remove from the surface of a liquid
remunerative(of work) compensating; rewarding; profitable; well-paid; V. remunerate: reward; pay (someone) for work or trouble
poulticesoothing application applied to sore and inflamed portions of the body
orthographycorrect spelling; CF. ortho-: straight; correct; Ex. orthodontics
preenmake oneself tidy in appearance; feel self-satisfaction or pride; (of a bird) smooth or clean (feathers) with the beak; Ex. preen oneself on; CF. prune