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GRE Word List


calm; peaceful; Ex. halcyon days

The meaning of the word halcyon is calm; peaceful; Ex. halcyon days.

Random words

spectrumcolored band produced when a beam of light passes through a prism; broad and continuous range; Ex. whole spectrum of modern thoughts
debasedegrade; reduce in quality or value; degenerate; lower in esteem; disgrace; N. debasement
eclipsedarken; extinguish; outshine; surpass; cause an eclipse
galvanicof the production of electricity by the action of an acid on a metal; having the effect of an electric shock; Ex. galvanic cell; galvanic effect; CF. Luigi Galvani
integralcomplete; necessary for completeness; Ex. integral part
turgidswollen; distended (as from liquid)
nemesissomeone seeking revenge; source of downfall or ruin; CF. Nemesis
blithegay; joyous
rationfixed portion; V: distribute as rations

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