GRE Word List


mar the appearance of; spoil

The meaning of the word disfigure is mar the appearance of; spoil.

Random words

collateralsecurity given for loan; ADJ: secondary; descended from the same person but through different sons or daughters
floutreject; mock; show contempt for; scorn; Ex. flout the rules
chroniclereport; record (in chronological order)
vivisectionact of dissecting living animals
carafeglass water bottle; decanter
compellingoverpowering; irresistible in effect; holding one's attention; that compels one to do something; Ex. a compelling adventure story; V. compel
comportbear one's self; behave; Ex. comport oneself; N. comportment
rankleirritate; fester; annoy
peccadilloslight offense or fault; CF. sin