GRE Word List


lure; persuade to do (something wrong); attract; tempt

The meaning of the word entice is lure; persuade to do (something wrong); attract; tempt.

Random words

prudentcautious; careful; prudential
forfeitsomething surrendered as punishment for a crime or breach of contract; V: lose as a forfeit; N. forfeiture
verveenthusiasm (as in artistic performance or composition); liveliness; vigor
generatecause; produce; create
addictioncompulsive habitual need
nascentincipient; coming into being or existence; Ex. nascent ability in music
flippantlacking proper seriousness; Ex. flippant remarks about death; N. flippancy
unwittingnot knowing; unaware; unintentional; Ex. She was their unwitting accomplice; Ex. unwitting insult; CF. wit: know
cresttop (as of a hill or wave); showy feathers on the head of a bird
diabolicaldiabolic; devilish; fiendish