GRE Word List


inflict; Ex. wreak one's vengeance on

The meaning of the word wreak is inflict; Ex. wreak one's vengeance on.

Random words

parameterlimit; independent variable; Ex. parameters of the problem; Ex. within the parameters of the budget
peruseread through with care; N. perusal
spawnlay eggs (in large numbers); produce offspring (in large numbers); N: eggs of aquatic animals
aspirantseeker after position or status
writwritten command issued by a court (telling someone to do or not to do something)
misdemeanorminor crime; misdeed; wrongdoing
entrepreneurbusinessperson (who assumes the risk of a business venture); contractor; ADJ. entrepreneurial
wastrelwaster; profligate
rampantgrowing or spreading uncontrollably; growing in profusion; unrestrained; Ex. rampant lawlessness/weed