GRE Word List


steering wheel of a ship; position of control

The meaning of the word helm is steering wheel of a ship; position of control.

Random words

minglemix together in close association
idiosyncrasyindividual trait usually odd in nature; behavioral peculiarity; eccentricity; attitude, behavior, or opinion peculiar to a person; anything highly individual or eccentric; ADJ. idiosyncratic
luxuriantabundant; growing healthily and in large amounts; excessively ornate; rich and splendid; fertile; Ex. luxuriant forests/prose; CF. luxurious, luxuriate
querulousgiven to complaining; complaining; fretful; whining
novastar that suddenly becomes much brighter and then returns to its original brightness
licenseofficial or legal permission; latitude of action or speech; excessive freedom that causes harm or damage; V.
fakenot genuine; N: one that is not genuine; impostor; sham; V: counterfeit; Ex. fake the results of the experiment/the signature
capillaryhaving a very fine bore; resembling a hair; fine and slender; Ex. capillary attraction; N: very fine hairlike tube; CF. capillarity