GRE Word List



The meaning of the word consort is associate.

Random words

humanitariana person promoting human welfare and social reform : philanthropist
frescothe art of painting on freshly spread moist lime plaster with water-based pigments
ejaculationan act of ejaculating
monotonytedious sameness
pejorativea word or phrase that has negative connotations (see connotation
winceto shrink back involuntarily (as from pain) : flinch
sanctuarya consecrated place: such as
codaa concluding musical section that is formally distinct from the main structure
gyroscopea wheel or disk mounted to spin rapidly about an axis and also free to rotate about one or both of two axes perpendicular to each other and to the axis of spin so that a rotation of one of the two mutually perpendicular axes results from application of torque to the other when the wheel is spinning and so that the entire apparatus offers considerable opposition depending on the angular momentum to any torque that would change the direction of the axis of spin
viscoushaving a thick or sticky consistency : viscid