GRE Word List


occupy fully; absorb

The meaning of the word engross is occupy fully; absorb.

Random words

aliasan assumed name esp. by a criminal (usually to mislead people); ADV. alias
dumbfoundastonish (making dumb); ADJ. dumbfounded, dumfounded, dumbstruck
asceticpracticing self-denial; avoiding physical pleasures and comforts; austere; Ex. ascetic life of Buddhist monks; N. asceticism
mesmerizehypnotize; N. mesmerism; CF. Franz Mesmer
equitablefair; impartial; OP. inequitable
ludicrouslaughable; ridiculous; trifling
boguscounterfeit; not authentic; intentionally false; Ex. bogus interview
resignationpatiently submissiveness; statement that one is quitting a job; ADJ. resigned: acquiescent
taintcontaminate; cause to lose purity; modify with a trace of something bad; Ex. tainted reputation; N: stain; touch of decay or bad influence; CF. touch