GRE Word List


not firm or stiff

The meaning of the word flaccid is not firm or stiff.

Random words

beelinea straight direct course
annealto heat and then cool (a material, such as steel or glass) usually for softening and making less brittle
somnambulistan abnormal condition of sleep in which motor acts (such as walking) are performed
biliousof or relating to a yellow or greenish fluid that is secreted by the liver and that aids especially in the emulsification and absorption of fats : of or relating to bile (see bile
unceremoniousnot ceremonious : informal
studiousassiduous in the pursuit of learning
mongrelan individual resulting from the interbreeding of diverse breeds (see breed
servitudea condition in which one lacks liberty especially to determine one's course of action or way of life
morosehaving a sullen and gloomy disposition