GRE Word List


make valid; confirm; ratify

The meaning of the word validate is make valid; confirm; ratify.

Random words

mediocreordinary; commonplace; neither good nor bad
burnishmake shiny by rubbing; polish
hirelingone who serves for hire (usually used contemptuously); one who works solely for compensation; Ex. hireling politician
virusdisease communicator
masqueradewear a mask or disguise; pretend; N: costume party or ball at which masks are worn; pretense; disguise
aloftupward; high up in the air
alcovenook; recess
blasphemyirreverence; sacrilege; cursing; bad language about God or holy things; V. blasphem; ADJ. blasphemous; CF. sacrilege
monographscholarly article
determinationresolve; firmness of purpose; measurement or calculation; decision