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GRE Word List


repeal; annul; cancel (a law, decision, or agreement)

The meaning of the word rescind is repeal; annul; cancel (a law, decision, or agreement).

Random words

headlonghasty; rash; headfirst; ADV.
pecuniarypertaining to money
genuflectbend the knee as in worship
virusdisease communicator
dismisseliminate from consideration; no longer consider; put out of court without further hearing; reject; discharge from employment; direct to leave; ADJ. dismissive; N. dismissal
careerrush wildly; go at full speed
healthfulconducive to good health; Ex. healthful mountain air
rebusrepresentation of words in the form of pictures or symbols; puzzle in which pictures or letters stand for words; Ex. ``R U 18'' is a rebus for ``Are you 18''.
ampleenough; abundant; spacious; large in size; Ex. ample opportunity/garden; N. amplitude: quality of being ample; abundance; largeness of space
fosterrear; bring up (for a certain period only); encourage; promote the development of (feelings or ideas); Ex. help foster friendly relations; ADJ: giving parental care although not related by blood; Ex. foster parents