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GRE Word List


path of the sun and the planets

The meaning of the word ecliptic is path of the sun and the planets.

Random words

waivegive up temporarily; yield; N. waiver: waiving a right or claim; document that waives a right or claim
perversepurposely continuing to do something wrong; stubbornly wrongheaded; perverted; directed away from what is right; wicked and unacceptable; Ex. perverse satisfaction; Ex. Hannibal Lecter in a perverse mood; N. perversity
deflectturn aside; turn away from a straight course
resigngive up (a position, right, or claim); submit (oneself) passively
slough(of a snake) shed or cast off (dead outer skin); N: outer layer that is shed
hiatusgap; pause; gap or interruption in space or time; break
grudgedeep feeling of dislike; Ex. grudge fight; V.
puerilechildish; immature; CF. puer: boy
doctrinaireunable to compromise about points of doctrine; dogmatic; unyielding; marked by inflexible attachment to a doctrine without regard to its practical difficulties
parisharea in the care of a single priest and served by one main church