GRE Word List


a branch of zoology dealing with birds

The meaning of the word ornithologist is a branch of zoology dealing with birds.

Random words

virulentmarked by a rapid, severe, and destructive course
blighta disease or injury of plants marked by the formation of lesions, withering, and death of parts (such as leaves and tubers)
devolveto pass on (something, such as responsibility, rights, or powers) from one person or entity to another
galvanicof, relating to, or producing a direct current of electricity
effectuateto cause or bring about (something) : to put (something) into effect or operation : effect
implodeto burst inward
slitherto slide on or as if on a loose gravelly surface
credulityreadiness or willingness to believe especially on slight or uncertain evidence
lachrymosegiven to tears or weeping : tearful