GRE Word List


(of things and place) dirty and dull; Ex. dingy street/curtain

The meaning of the word dingy is (of things and place) dirty and dull; Ex. dingy street/curtain.

Random words

urchinmischievous child (usually a boy); CF. urchin: hedgehog; CF. porcupine: pig with spikes ?; CF. sea urchin
intoxicatemake drunk; stimulate or excite; Ex. intoxicated by all the money he might win
somaticpertaining to the body; bodily; physical
nauticalpertaining to ships or navigation
retaliaterepay in kind (usually for bad treatment); V. retaliate
gnarlprotruding knot on a tree; V.
covetousavaricious; desirous of (someone else's possessions); V. covet: desire eagerly (someone else's possessions)
omnipotentall-powerful; having unlimited power
juxtaposeplace side by side; CF. next
schemesystematic plan; plot; clever dishonest plan; orderly arrangement of elements; Ex. health insurance scheme; Ex. a scheme to escape taxes; Ex. a color scheme; Ex. a story with no scheme; V: contrive a scheme