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GRE Word List


(of things and place) dirty and dull; Ex. dingy street/curtain

The meaning of the word dingy is (of things and place) dirty and dull; Ex. dingy street/curtain.

Random words

throngcrowd (of people or things); V.
doomcondemnation to a severe penalty; ruin; fate (esp. a tragic or ruinous one); V.
complementcomplete; consummate; make perfect; N.
sonnet14-line poetic verse form with a fixed rhyme pattern
proteanable to take on many forms; versatile; CF. Proteus: sea god to change his shape at will
immolateoffer or kill as a sacrifice (by fire)
arbitraryunreasonable or capricious; random; tyrannical; Ex. arbitrary ruler
casteone of the hereditary classes in Hindu society; social stratification; prestige
psychicof psyche; mental; of or possessing extraordinary mental powers