GRE Word List


lack of proportion (between the parts); ADJ. disproportionate

The meaning of the word disproportion is lack of proportion (between the parts); ADJ. disproportionate.

Random words

multilingualhaving many languages; fluent in several languages
revileattack with abusive language; vilify(slander)
overwroughtnervous or excited; extremely agitated; hysterical; wrought-up; CF. wrought: made or done
ignominydeep disgrace; shame or dishonor; ADJ. ignominious; Ex. ignominous defeat
onomatopoeiawords formed in imitation of natural sounds
turbid(of a liquid) having the sediment disturbed; muddy; thick
lustrousshining; brilliant; Ex. lustrous hair
libidopsychic and emotional energy or urges behind human activity; sexual desire
oafstupid awkward person; CF. elf
mortarvessel in which substances are crushed with a pestle