GRE Word List


explanation, especially of biblical(of the bible) passages

The meaning of the word exegesis is explanation, especially of biblical(of the bible) passages.

Random words

prudeexcessively modest or proper person (who is easily shocked by improper things, esp. of a sexual nature); N. prudery; ADJ. prudish: excessively concerned with propriety
drawchoosing of a lot or card
impuissancepowerlessness; feebleness
egotismtendency to speak or write of oneself excessively; conceit; self-importance
hermeticconcerning alchemy or magic; obscure and mysterious; occult
coteriegroup that meets socially; select circle; close group of people with shared interests
triggerset off; start
pettytrivial; unimportant; very small; small-minded; petty-minded
enormityhugeness (in a bad sense); excessive wickedness; Ex. enormity of the crime; ADJ. enormous
plumagefeathers of a bird;